- Global Air Service

GAS Germany`s core business are servicing our customers and providing on-time solutions to complex requirements. Our business understands that each operator may have issues that it faces within the maintenance and operation of the business .

We also understand all operator`s face logistical nightmares and that the fundamental basis of every organization is operational profit and understanding this core driver ensures we value relationships built with the sole intention of cost reduction. GAS Germany has built the business in which we are determined to bring total value to the market place through Asset Ownership, Repair Control and Engineering under ohne company allowing capital preservation and guaranteed operational performance.

- Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
- Parts for Daily and Heavy Maintenance Checks
- Component Exchange - Leasing and Repair Management
- Excess / Surplus package inventory purchases
- Single Source Logistical Support
- Scrap Replacement Programs
- Just-In-Time Delivery Programs
- Consolidation and Wareousing Capabilities
- Repair Management Solutions.